Soon, you’ll be able to cook with Kimberly!  Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman is launching her own line of cookware called Love & Daisies!  The line includes pans, knife sets and more and will be available exclusively on Home Shopping Network beginning April 19th.
Construction is underway on Blake Shelton’s new entertainment venue on Main Street in his hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Old Red Tishomingo is scheduled to open in the fall and will include a 4,700-square-foot restaurant and performance space as well as a 1,400-square-foot retail store.  Another location is scheduled to open in downtown Nashville next year!  The venues are being built in partnership with Ryman Hospitality Properties.
Country legend George Strait once provided some much needed comic-relief to a battle Miranda Lambert was having with her dad.  Some years ago, while Miranda was opening dates for George, her dad objected to Miranda’s now-famous guns-and-wings tattoo on her arm.  George got word of the father-daughter disagreement and ordered nearly one hundred press-on tattoos for the band and crew to put on to surprise her.  Miranda says “It sort of like broke the ice between me and my dad and he talked to me again and wasn’t mad anymore,” Miranda says, “so I like to say that George Strait helped mend my dad’s and my relationship over the tattoo incident.”  That’s why George is “The King!”