When some couples break up, they only wish the worst for the other person.  Not Blake Shelton.  In fact, claims Blake is happy for his ex’ Miranda Lambert’s success. A source tells the site: “Blake is genuinely happy for all of Miranda‘s success. Blake is not surprised at all that Miranda wrote so many hit songs about her heartbreak because their marriage was full of passion, drinking and love. All the things that make for a great country song.”
People magazine claims Gwen Stefani is launching her own line of children’s eyewear. Gwen recently told the mag: “A lot of kids’ glasses, to me, look like kids’ glasses. I wanted to do glasses that were things that I would wear. Wearing glasses should be a fun and positive experience for everyone – including kids and teens.”
Ladies, I’m only going to tell this to you if you can control yourselves!  Brett Eldredge tells People magazine that he is ready to find a wife.  Brett says, “I’m just wanting to find that gal that wants my heart. Because I’m ready to give it. I’ve been writing about the search for love, the loss of love, falling out of love and falling in love—it’s been a very soul searching record.”  No word on how you can make your proposal to Brett!