Remember when we thought Sam Hunt secretly got married after those pictures of him wearing his wedding ring showed up on social media sites?  We found out that Sam is still very much single, but still engaged to be married to his fiancée Hannah Lee Fowler.  Sam and Hannah are busy planning their special day and they have enlisted some help.  CMT reports that his fiance’s sister is helping to plan the wedding.  Sam said fortunately her sister works in that business, but they’re both low key and low maintenance.  The exact date has yet to be announced!
The social justice warriors and social media trolls tried to condemn Jana Kramer for taking her daughter to Discovery Cove, a tropical animal resort in Orlando where you can do things like swim with dolphins and feed exotic birds.  The trolls were attacking her for taking her daughter to view the animals in captivity.  Jana responded by asking them “where else can you see these beautiful animals in a safe, secure atmosphere?”  She basically went on to tell them to mind their own and let her raise her daughter the way she sees fit!  Way to go Jana!
Rascal Flatts is opening a new restaurant in Los Angeles!  The restaurant will serve beer, cocktails and home cooked-like meals. The restaurant will be called Rascal Flatts and will be located on Hollywood Boulevard.  Now if the guys would just open an airline so we can get there, we’ll be all set!