Brett Eldridge tells Sounds Like Nashville that he is recording his new album in a castle…well, sort of!  Brett is in a studio in Nashville CALLED The Castle.  It’s not really a castle, but it looks like one.  But Brett says he wishes it was real!  Details on the release of new tunes will be coming up soon!
Brad Paisley is an amazing singer, songwriter and guitarist.  Now you can add ‘comedian’ to the list!  Sounds like Nashville claims Brad is going to host two comedy shows at the Wild West Comedy Festival along with former SNL star Jay Pharoah. Brad’s live performances at the comedy club will be taped for an upcoming special.
Blake Shelton was recently performing in Omaha when he spotted a 70 year-old woman in the crowd with a sign that read: “It’s my 70th birthday. I wish for a kiss from Blake Shelton.” Blake jumped off stage and gave the woman a kiss!  And that is how to make someone’s special day even more special!  Way to go, Blake!