Social media exploded over the weekend surrounding photos of Sam Hunt and what he was wearing!  Sam is planning to get married to his on-again-off-again-on-again girlfriend Hannah Lee Fowler and has commented lately on his involvement planning the wedding!  But the photos over the weekend show Sam with a wedding ring already on his finger!  So—did he or didn’t he?  See for yourself below!  One thing we DO know is Sam kicks off his 15 In A 30 Tour June 1 in Cleveland.

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Carrie Underwood celebrated a birthday last week and was showered with some very special gifts!  One of those special gifts came from her husband and daughter who made her a “Walking Dead”-themed birthday cake.   Another special gift came by way of a telephone call from Carrie’s musical idol, Loretta Lynn!  Loretta sang “Happy Birthday” to Carrie over the phone!  How much more special can a birthday get?  Carrie turned 34 on Friday!
Jason Aldean was recently spotted dancing with a young lady that is not his wife!  Scandal?  Nah!  Jason attended a father-daughter dance with his 9-year-old daughter Kendyl!