Nashville News and Notes for Friday 3/10

Congrats to Josh Turner! He’s got a new project out today called Deep South. He actually started writing songs for this project in 2013.  What else has happened for Josh in the past four years?  He’s written between 75 and 80 songs… and he and his wife had another little boy!  Now they have four sons.

Most country artists appreciate the privilege of being able to make music for a living.  Billy Currington is no different.  Billy tells Sounds Like Nashville that he says thank you every time he hears one of his songs on the radio.  “Every time, I say, ‘thank you.’ Every time. I always heard if you keep saying ‘thank you’ to everything that you love, you’ll get more of it. Every time I hear it, that’s the first thing I say.”

If you’re a fan of Brad Paisley, you only have to wait 5 more weeks for the release of his new music project.  Love and War is set for release on April 21. Brad’s album features musical guests Mick Jagger, John Fogerty and Timbaland.  Plus, Country Music Hall of Fame members Bill Anderson and the late Johnny Cash are also represented on the project.  Anderson provides guest vocals on “Dying to See Her,” a song he wrote also with Paisley. “Gold All Over the Ground” was written by Cash and Paisley.