Looks like there’s trouble a-brewin’ on the set of The Voice!  OK! magazine, citing Radar Online, claims some involved with the show are tiring of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s public displays of affection. A source says: “Gwen and Blake are really starting to annoy the rest of the judges and producers because they seem to feel like they are the stars of the show. They are acting like they deserve special attention because of their high-profile romance, and the fact that they are getting paid more money to show their affection is not helping the situation at all,” the insider told the outlet. “It has just turned into a real soap opera with the two of them.”
Thomas Rhett tells Entertainment Tonight that he has started prepping his tour bus for his two new children. T.R. says “We’ve already added a crib to our tour bus. We’re trying to make all the right alterations to make sure that our kids can come out [on tour]. We’re just going to try to integrate them into our lives as much as possible and try to just create as much of a normal lifestyle as possible.”  Thomas is on the east coast this weekend with shows in PA, Maryland and Ohio!
Kelsea Ballerini tells E! News that she and her fiancé have yet to start planning their wedding. “We’re both so not wedding people that we’re like, ‘We have to do this.’ Like, ‘We should probably get to planning it soon.’ We’ll figure it out at some point. We’re not in a rush.”  Yeah…wait until she tries to book a reception hall on two weeks notice!