Eric Church is mad as heck and he’s not gonna take it anymore!  Eric has had it with scalpers who buy his tickets by the thousands, often with stolen credit cards, raise the price per ticket and make a fortune.  So what’s he going to do about it?  Eric has cancelled 25,000 tickets to his upcoming tour that he and authorities identified as purchased by scalpers and will be reselling them at fair market price!
If you’re wondering when Brad Paisley is releasing a new album, your wait is almost over!  The new album is called “Love and War” and is scheduled to be released on April 21.  Here’s what else we know; the song “Today” is officially the lead single from the album.  It is unclear whether or not Brad’s duet with Demi Lovato, “Without A Fight,” will be included or not!  Lastly, the album may very well include more collaborations with artists such as CCR’s John Fogerty and hip-hop producer Timbaland since Brad has teased about that before.  Stay tuned!
Hey guys!  Thinking about what to do to make your lady’s next birthday a little more special?  Take a cue from Keith Urban!  Keith’s wife Nicole Kidman told W magazine about the time Keith arranged a private fireworks display all for Nicole’s 40th birthday!  Nicole said, “It would have cost a fortune, and it was just for the two of us. It was amazing, it was sexy.”  So there you go!  Just keep in mind it’s going to cost more than supersizing her combo meal at the drive-thru!