Foods To Avoid in 2017

Alright just a few more days until 2017. I’m sure the resolution to lose weight and eat better in the new year is in the forefront. So here’s the list of foods to avoid in 2017 to help you lose weight.

Sugar…of course there’s so much sugar in everything we eat, but it adds calories and raises our risk for weight gain, heart disease and diabetes.

Red meat and dairy…they may lead to heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Diet snacks…they may sound like a good idea, but those “lite” or “fat free” snacks can be more of a problem to your health. Many have chemicals, dyes, artificial sweeteners and preservatives that aren’t good for us.

Sweet Beverages…Again limit your intake of these sugar sweetened and high calorie drinks.

Best of luck reducing the intake of our favorite foods in 2017.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar