If you ever get the chance to meet Maren Morris and are lucky enough to get a selfie and an autograph with her, whatever you do—DO NOT TRY AND SELL IT FOR PROFIT!  Maren recently discovered someone selling her autograph on eBay and took to Twitter to bawl the person out!   Maren Tweeted, “I will gladly take pictures and sign autographs, but it (stinks) when people just use it for profit and they aren’t even fans.”  All it takes is one bad apple to mess it up for everyone else!
Brantley Gilbert recently spread some holiday cheer to three US service veterans and their families!  Brantley teamed up with Polaris and gave the vets and their families brand new Polaris ATV’s!  They were then treated to a day of off-roading and a private concert!
Of all the Christmas gifts he received over his lifetime, one stands out more than any others for Luke Bryan!  Was it his first guitar?  His first fishing rod or hunting gun?  Nope!  It was a 50CC Honda Mini Bike he got when he was 8!