Nashville News and Notes for Wednesday

Tuesday night’s episode of The Voice had many Froggyland viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end.  Billy Gilman, Sundance and We were all chosen to move into the finale, but Josh Gallagher was one of three contestants who had to perform and hope for a save.  He sang “I Drive Your Truck”, and the tweets and retweets of loyal fans moved Josh into the finale, which begins next Monday on NBC at 8.  Click below to see the Instant Save performance!

If you’ve checked out Keith Urban’s Ripcord World Tour, you know there’s typically a time in the show where he picks one lucky audience member to come on stage and chat. That’s resulted in many memorable moments since he hit the road last June, and his first night in his native Australia was certainly no exception.  “Do you bring a guitar to every concert?” Keith asked, as he welcomed Amy Jennifer to the stage.

“No just yours,” she replied, giggling, “I’m sorry. You’re so beautiful!” somewhere along the way.

“I’ve become a bloody guitar tech!” Keith quipped, as he got the young girl situated.

Click HERE to see the whole interaction that will make you smile!