The lineup for the 2017 New Faces of Country Music Show, which will take place during Country Radio Seminar in Nashville on February 22-24, 2017 has been announced.  The lineup includes performances by William Michael Morgan, Maren Morris, Jon Pardi, Granger Smith and Drake White.  They will perform for a room full of radio personalities and radio and record executives.
Brett Eldredge has teamed up with Tipsy Elves to create his own ugly Christmas sweater. Brett’s sweater design shows Santa riding a unicorn!  The sweater is available in Men’s and Women’s sizes at
Newcomer Cam has been asked on numerous occasions why she only goes by her first name.  Afterall, she hasn’t been around long enough to only go by her first name—and some not-so-nice fans have pointed that out to her.  However, Cam recently told PEOPLE magazine the reason she doesn’t use her last name is because it’s awkward.  It’s pronounced “OAKS”, but it’s spelled Ochs.  She simply got tired of people butchering the pronunciation so she decided to simply go by Cam.  (Pretty hard to mess that up!)