Teacher Creates An Awesome “Welcome To 4th Grade” Song!

Dwayne Reed is a first-year school teacher who wanted to create a special way to welcome students into his classroom. In an email with Hot 92, Mr. Reed explains he “wrote a rap song for the 4th grade students I’ve never met, introducing myself in a cool and catchy way. I also recorded a music video to go along with it! The song and video emphasize the reality that hard work is a must, but that school and learning can certainly be fun!”

Talking about the process of creating the video, Mr. Reed says it was all done in one day! “We started recording the video at 4:30pm on Saturday, finished at 7:30pm, and had it completely edited by 1:30am Sunday morning.”

He also gave a much deserved shout out to two men that helped him with the video- “The videographer’s name is Ty Gotham, who is also based out of Chicago, and the producer (guy who made the best) is Stevo Thompson, a senior in high school! “

All three did a great job, a real fun video for Back To School!