Jason Aldean is the new face of Field & Stream

Jason Aldean isn’t just a singer and songwriter.  He’s is the new face of the Field & Stream brand.  He loves the outdoors, so it’s a great fit.  But there’s more than his love of hunting and fishing that inspired him to add the title of “brand ambassdor” to his resume.

Jason says his two daughters are a big reason he joined the Field & Stream team.  He’s like a lot of parents and he wants his daughters,  Keely, 13, and Kendyl, 8, to get more involved in the outdoors.  He told PEOPLE magazine, “For any parent right now, there’s so many other things that can keep kids distracted and keep them from wanting to go outside and do things in the outdoors. Now more than ever, that’s just an important message – to get them out and get them interested in other things.”