Our Fun Day With Case And The Staff Of Bayada Pediatrics.

We are coming to our close on our annual event- Cram The Car.

You, the community, fill a Laurel Nissan car parked at Medwell in either Ebensburg or Richland with school supplies for kids in the area.

Tuesday, we also got to hang out with the staff of Bayada Home Health and a very special young man, Case.

Case has medical problems that require the care of Bayada Pediatrics, but you wouldn’t know it to talk to him. He is fun and happy and energetic.

When Hot and the staff of Bayada were at the car in Richland on Tuesday, Case was there. He was allowed to wear his Ninja Turtles costume as he played with his sisters and Mom and Dad.

Find out more about Case HERE.

Listen to our chat with Case’s Mom, who works at Bayada and Case and check out pics from our fun day together.

Meet Case And His Mom

Working At Bayada

Case Has The Best Closing Words.

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