Road Rage Stats

Our patience as drivers has dwindled.  We all have to get where we need to go faster than the other guy.  A new survey by AAA finds that nearly 80% of Americans admit to expressing anger or road rage while driving, which translates into eight million drivers.

51% say they have purposely tailgated

47% say they have yelled at other drivers

45% honk their horns as a show of anger

Men and younger drivers 19 to 39 as well as those of us in the Northeast are most likely to express road rage.

33% make angry gestures

24% have tried to block others from changing lanes

12% have cut off vehicles on purpose

4% have confronted another driver

3% have bumped another vehicle on purpose

Bullying has taken on many forms over the years…some have taken to the road to bully other drivers.  It’s not worth it!

Source: AAA