Why Some Songs give you the Chills

For many people their favorite song moves something in them so deeply that they get the chills. Now a group of scientists form Harvard, Wesleyan and the University of Southern California are scanning people’s brains to figure out why this happens. The research is ongoing, but scientists already completed one experiment in which 10 participants who got chills when listening to their favorite song, and 10 who did not get chills had their brains scanned. Researchers found the brains of people who felt chills “had more nerve fibres running from the auditory cortex, needed for basic hearing ability, to two other regions” one which processes feelings, and another that is thought to monitor emotions and assign values to them. In other words, the chill group’s brain wiring better connected to the sound part of the brain to the feelings part and the “how-I-should-feel-about-those-feelings” part. This is a very small study group, but scientist hope further research will reveal how humans evolved to like music so much as a species. (PopSci)