Being A Dad Is Worth Less Than $26,000 Per Year

If parents got paid for the amount of work they do with regard to bringing up their children they would all be a little bit richer. crunched some numbers and say for taking on the typical responsibilities of a Dad, men would earn an annual salary of $25,738 this year. That’s a four percent decrease compared to 2015. The website calculated the salary using Bureau of Labor statistics data to assign value to some of the most common tasks. The website estimates mom would earn $65,523, mostly because she spends an average 148 hours a week on parental tasks, while dads are estimated to spend just 51.5 hours per week. The reason Dad’s pay declined from 2015 is because eight of his jobs decreased in value, including his role as a plumber, which dropped nearly 30 percent in value from last year. (Time)