Want a giant spider? Or 200?!?

The RSPCA of Brighton, England, has taken on 200 tarantulas after a couple broke up and could no longer care for them.

The reptile rescue center at the Brighton RSPCA is looking for arachnid lovers who would be interested in adopting some or all of the exotic spiders, according to Metro UK.

Among the tarantulas available is an orange baboon tarantula; a Burgundy Goliath Birdeater, which can have legs up to nine inches long; a Venezuelan Sun Tiger; a Vietnam Blue; a Brazilian White Knee; an Arizona Blonde; a Thai Rusty Earth Tiger; a Trinidad Chevron; and a Natal Brown Birdeater.

Honestly, I don’t any tiny spiders in my house, let alone spiders with nine…inch…legs!


Source:  Metro.co.uk