Real Artists Have Day Jobs! We Talk With Author/Comedian Sara Benincasa!


Sara Benincasa is an author and comedian. She has written DC Trip, Great, and Agorafabulous!

Her next book- Real Artists Have Day Jobs (And Other Awesome Things They Don’t Teach You In School) is out now. In the book, Benincasa shares her experiences working through anxiety, depression, and career changes in 52 hilarious essays.

The topics cover everything from stress management to embracing your inner dork to accepting compliments and many others.

The book is very funny and highly recommended for anyone finishing college and juggling those early post school years.

We talked to Sara Benincasa about her book, which you can purchase HERE.

The Audience For The Book

An Open Look At Anxiety

Previous Works Heading To Film and TV!

We have to ask about her chapter on her dog…