The Weird Thing That Makes You Drink More Wine

If you had a bit too much wine last night, you might want to consider using a different glass to drink it with next time. University of Cambridge researchers studied the wine sales at a local pub last year for about five months. Every two weeks, the bar owners switched out the glasses between the restaurant’s standard size (10.1 fluid ounces), larger glasses (12.5 fluid ounces), and smaller glasses (8.4 fluid ounces.) The data revealed that offering the exact same amount of wine, but in a bigger glass, increased sales. When the standard glasses were swapped for larger ones, wine sales increased 14.4 percent in the bar area, and 8.2 percent in the restaurant portion of the bar. So why does this happen? It could be that people thought they actually drank less than usual with their first drink, and so they go back for seconds (or more), or it could just be that people like how wine tastes out of a bigger glass. (Time)