Indian Man tries to break the Guinness World Record for longest hair

Indian-man-seeks-Guinness-record-with-62-foot-long-hair You know how vain women can be by trying to grow their fingernails or hair to an outrageous length? Well, get this. There is a guy in India who is trying to break the record for having the longest hair in the world.60 year old Savjibhai Rathwa, has been growing his dreadlocks for decades and they now measure 62 feet long. He is trying to get recognized as the Guinness World Record holder. Rathwa eats a special diet high in fruits and vegetables for good hair health. It takes Rathwa 3 hours to wash his hair, and he stretches it out to dry itin the sun. Currently a Chinese man holds the record with a 22 foot long mane.