Things You Should Never Do at a Wedding

It’s the first day of June, which is traditionally the busiest month for weddings.  With that in mind, we thought it was a good idea to share this list posted a list on things you should never do at a wedding. And some are obvious, like showing up late to the ceremony, or bringing a date if you didn’t RSVP with one. But here are five you might not think about . . .

1. Don’t make the bride or groom do shots. It’s okay for YOU to get hammered at the reception . . . sort of. But it’s not cool if you get THEM drunk.

2. Don’t complain if you have to pay for drinks. An open bar can be one of the most expensive parts of a wedding, and not everyone can swing it. So just pay for your drinks, and complain on the way home. Just not at the reception.

3. Don’t give a surprise toast. Speeches and toasts are usually for the parents and people in the wedding party. So you might offend someone if YOU give a toast. And you also might say something THEY were planning to say.

4. Don’t argue about politics. Especially right now when everyone’s super passionate about it. You’ll just end up starting a fight for no reason.

5. Don’t act like you’re the wedding photographer. Especially if they have a professional photographer, because you’ll just get in the way.

The fact that everyone has a camera is a huge issue for wedding photographers now, because someone’s always holding their phone up to take a picture. So they have to shoot over them, and can’t get any good shots of the crowd. (Thrillist)