Hot 92 Talks To The Writer That Found Ugly Naked Guy!

A writer for The Huffington Post spent a year trying to answer one of TV’s great mysteries- Who played “Ugly Naked Guy” on Friends?

The character was often talked about- “Ugly Naked Guy Got Gravity Boots!” He was only seen twice, and neither time showed his face.  One was a memorable scene where David Schwimmer’s Ross joined him for nudity and muffins.

Writer Todd Van Luling is a senior staff writer at The Huffington Post. He tracked down cast members, crew, the creators, and more in an attempt to solve this great mystery. He finally did! Read his article.

The story has gone viral with everyone from The Today Show to Entertainment Weekly to People talking about it.

Hot 92 got to interview Mr. Van Luling about his quest and finally finding “Ugly Naked Guy”!

The Legacy Of Friends

Finally Finding Ugly Naked Guy!

David Schwimmer


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