These First Dates Are Most Likely To Lead To Marriage

First dates can often reveal a lot about a person, but did you ever wonder what types of first dates lead to the most marriages? Dating site PlentyOfFish surveyed 1,100 former site members who are now married to see what they did on their first date with their partner. They found 65 percent went out for meals or appetizers on their first date with their now spouse, and the second-most popular first date among them was going for a walk, followed by coffee or drinks. Psychotherapist Katherine Schafler says, “Less is more when it comes to first dates. The less complicated the interaction is, the more likely it is for a potential partnership to emerge because you’re not distracted, leaving you more able to focus on the other person, how you feel around them, and whether an attraction is building.” She adds that you may want to save cute date activities for second, third, or fourth dates, because, “When you choose big activities for a first date, it’s possible you focus a little more on whether you like the activity as opposed to the person you’re doing the activity with.” (Glamour)