Why You Should Never Make A Decision While Hungry

You’ve heard it before: ‘never go grocery shopping while hungry,’ but now scientists say you shouldn’t make any important decisions while hungry either. Researchers from Sweden explored impulsivity by looking at rats. Half the rats were given the hormone ghrelin, which is produced by the stomach in anticipation of a meal, and has a negative effect on decision making, and the other half were given nothing. The rats were trained to expect a sugary reward when they pressed a “go” lever, as well as when they resisted pushing another level marked “no go” when given corresponding signals. The data shows the rats given ghrelin were more likely to press the “no go” lever, despite the fact that they knew they would lose their reward for doing so– this is considered impulsive behavior.  Researchers explain, “Our results indicate that ghrelin receptors in the brain can be a possible target for future treatment of psychiatric disorders that are characterized by problems with impulsivity and even eating disorders.” (Daily Mail)