What Not To Eat Before A Workout

You’re feeling a bit sluggish, but still need to get that workout in before the end of the day.  Not every kind of food is a great idea before a workout. Here are foods to avoid before a workout.

  1. Protein Bars….they have way too much sugar and may cause you to crash later.
  2. Leafy Greens…they cause gas and bloating.  You don’t want that at the gym.
  3. Anything spicy…you may get heartburn during your workout.
  4. Fried Food….they’re full of fat and salt.  They’ll cause you to feel sleepy and dehydrated.
  5. Sports drinks….they have great benefits, but have too much sugar. Just drink water!
  6. Nothing at all.  Make sure to eat something small like a piece of fruit if you start workout in the morning on an empty stomach. Source: Pure Wow.