Remembering Prince

Back in the day when you wanted to see a performer you had to either see them in person or maybe catch them on TV.  Prince appeared on American Bandstand in early 1980 to sing his current single “I Wanna Be Your Lover.” Following the lip sync Dick Clark tried to interview this new artist.  He didn’t seem comfortable responding to the questions.  He simply gave one word responses which flustered the unflappable Dick Clark.  Prince went onto release the album “1999” in 1983 followed by his biggest achievement the soundtrack to “Purple Rain.”  In 1984 the music from that soundtrack was unavoidable.  The number one singles “When Doves Cry” and “Let’s Go Crazy” were constant radio staples that summer.  Three other singles were released from that collection that sold over 10 million copies and was number one most of 1984.

More albums followed like his foray into a 60’s motif called “Around the World In A Day”, “Sign O’ The Times” and “Parade.”  Another motion picture called “Under A Cherry Moon” was released in 1986.  Prince put together music from Batman in 1989 too.

His impact on popular music will be felt for years to come.  Whether it was his songwriting, musicianship or stage presence, the music of Prince will be an iconic part of the 80’s.