Lee Brice, Frankie Ballard and Dylan Scott in Indiana!

You may have heard about a show this past Saturday at The Kovalchick Complex in Indiana.  You more than likely heard it featured Lee Brice, Frankie Ballard and Dylan Scott.  But from the t-shirt-wearing crowd that assembled hours before doors opened at 6pm, you’d be hard-pressed to tell apart the headliner from the support acts based on the nearly equal representation shown to each of the three artists!

The hundreds that arrived early were treated to an acoustic performance on the Kovalchick patio by local up-and-comer Kevin Dale, lead singer for local favorites The Stickers, which was very well received.  Mr. Froggy, Leapin’ Lara and I wandered through the crowd from one end of the line to the other and were amazed by the number of fans out in support of each of the three performers on the bill.  Simply looking over the undeniably country crowd, one could see the varied favoritism being displayed for one artist over another.  Even those without clear indication of their favorite artist provided a different answer when asked to name their favorite for the evening.  There seemed to be as many Lee Brice supporters as there were fans of opening acts Frankie Ballard and Dylan Scott.

We were privileged to meet a set of twins who came from Hershey just to see Dylan Scott again (they had seen Dylan a few weeks before in Allentown!)  and a bride and her bridal party who used the occasion as their bachelorette party (groom and groomsmen apparently had other plans!)

Once the show began, however, the favoritism for one artist over another quickly became triple the support for country music in general.  Scott opened the evening followed by Ballard eventually leading up to the night’s headliner, Lee Brice.  By show’s end, everyone in attendance now had three-favorite artists!!!

Cowboy hats off to the Kovalchick Center for an enjoyable evening from start to finish and here’s to many more country nights in Indiana! -Gator

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