Ways To Stay Healthy

We all want to stay healthy as the warmer weather arrives (one of these days).  If you’re sick often you may want to cut these out of your life.

  1. Stress.  Because it can have a negative effect on your immune system.
  2. Staying Inside.  We’ve been inside since winter.  It’s time to get some Vitamin D from sunshine.
  3. Eating processed foods.  Stay away from those foods that contain unhealthy chemicals and pesticides.
  4. Drinking In excess….I think you can figure out that one!
  5. Sitting on the Couch…We all need exercise.  A simple walk is sufficient just to keep moving.
  6. Staying Up Late.  Simply put, the lack of sleep can lead to colds and viruses.”
  7. Smoking.  It depletes the body of many vitamins and minerals.  Ending your smoking habit is a great idea!            Source: Bustle