After A Nine-Year Old Reporter Scoops A MURDER Story, Online Haters Come Out To Attack Her!

Hilde Lysiak got a tip about a suspected murder, went to the scene to get the details and posted a story and video clip on her website,, later that day.

Comments telling her to “play with dolls” and have a tea party and questioning her parents’ judgment in letting her do such work.

You see, Hilde is just 9-year-old.

Her dad, Matthew Lysiak, is a former reporter for the “New York Daily News.” Hilde gets help from her 12-year-old sister too.

Her newspaper started as a crayon written paper for her family and it has grown to become the “go to” source for local information for Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.

This suspected murder story has brought out negative comments targeted at her age and gender.

Full Story HERE.

Hildie responded to her critics in a video HERE.

She also has a facebook and twitter page covering local news.

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