Younger Viewers Watch More Internet Video than TV

TV is so ten years ago. A new study reveals that teens and young adults still watch TV, but that they watch considerably more video on YouTube, Netflix, and other internet sources. According to a new survey by digital-media firm Defy Media, consumers ages 13 to 24 watch 12.1 hours of video per week on YouTube, social media, and other free online sources, and another 8.8 hours weekly on Netflix and other subscription-video services. That’s more than two and a half times the 8.2 hours weekly they spend watching traditional television. In fact, 67 percent of respondents said they “can’t live without” YouTube, and 51 percent said the same of Netflix. Just 36 percent said they can’t live without traditional TV. Additionally, 58 percent said they don’t mind watching ads to support their favorite digital stars. Defy Media executive VP of marketing Andy Tu adds, “People want to paint the demise of cable TV as the result of cost or lack of access. But the younger demo is saying, ‘The stuff on television isn’t relevant to me.’” (Variety)