Woman Tracked Down Her Sperm Donor

A year after Aminah Hart had her daughter Leila by an anonymous sperm donor, she tracked him down, because she wanted Laila to know her father. The new mom actually managed to find the donor, and the two fell in love, marrying in December 2015. Hart says on the TV series Australian Story, “So, romance was born. I just essentially say to people the cart well and truly came before the horse, and the horse caught up eventually and hooked itself on.” Hart says she chose Scott Andersen’s profile from a stack of three, because he described himself as happy and healthy. She decided to track down the sperm donor because she didn’t know her own father. Andersen said, “Neither of us expected it to happen. I fell in love with Leila before I fell in love with Aminah!” The couple’s story is already a book, and a movie is in the works. (Cosmopolitan)