Poop in your purse?!

A Woman Had to Hide Her Poop in Her Purse on a Date . . . and Shared Her Story With the Internet

What an era we live in, where we can all hear about a stranger’s hilariously disgusting first date without having to even get out of bed.


A woman from Toronto just went on a date that had . . . um . . . quite a twist.  And she was kind enough to tweet out the entire story the next day.


She went out with a guy on Sunday, and they wound up going back to his place.  She excused herself . . . to poop.  But his toilet wouldn’t flush, and she panicked.


So, quote, “There was only one single piece of poop . . . so I got toilet paper and removed [it] . . . I wrapped it in multiple layers of toilet paper, and put it in my purse.”


Then she went back out to the couch, they started making out, and he told her she was beautiful . . . but, quote, “all I can think of is the piece of poop in my purse.”


He eventually went to the bathroom and apparently fixed the toilet, because she heard it flush.  So she went in there and disposed of the evidence without him ever knowing.


There’s no word if there’s going to be a second date . . . or if he found out the truth now that this story is going viral.  She’s also questioning her decision to share it, quote, “All the hard work I put into being a hot girl . . . now I’m just the poop girl.”

Full story here: http://mashable.com/2016/03/22/cool-poop-story/#8_4yfT5m1iqd