Feel Good Easter Story!

As heard on Morning Splash!

Normally, when a bomb squad is called to the scene to hunt hidden, beeping items, it’s not a good sign. However, a Florida bomb disposal squad has turned that on its head: its members used their expertise to bring some Easter cheer to visually impaired children by creating “beeping” Easter eggs.

The St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office Bomb Disposal Squad created the eggs with special beepers so that visually impaired kids can still hunt for Easter eggs even if they can’t see them. Sheriff Ken Mascara told reporters it started three years ago after the head of the bomb squad heard about a similar program in another county.

“The heart breaker was a couple years ago when one of our egg hunters was 75 years old and said this was the first time in his life that he ever went Easter egg hunting,” Mascara said in a video posted on the St. Lucie Sheriff’s County Facebook page.

The children, some of whom wore blindfolds, were able to locate the specially designed Easter eggs at the event on Wednesday. Mascara said it was clear that the children were enjoying the special day.

“The kids normally can’t do this because of their impairment and now it’s a new experience for them and they look forward to doing it every year with us,” Mascara said Wednesday. “The smiles on these kid’s faces tell it all.”