A Tattoo A Day Will Keep The Doctor Away

Go ahead and get that barbed wire bicep tattoo, that random Chinese character on your calf, and that sexy butterfly on your lower back.  It’s good for you according to a new study.

A new study out of the University of Alabama found that people who get a bunch of tattoos just might be HEALTHIER than the rest of us.The researchers found that tattoos train your body to be tougher.  When you get a lot of them, your body gets used to the pain and the stress, which makes your immune system stronger.  And that makes you less likely to get sick.

The study also found that after you get your first tattoo, you’re MOST likely to get sick.  Since your body isn’t used to that kind of stress, you’re REALLY susceptible to things like colds or the flu. Now, this doesn’t guarantee a few tattoos will make you healthier.