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PA’s Get Help Now Week

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health, Rachel Levine talks about the Naloxone with Bubba on the Rocky Wake Up Show: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 6, 2018 Wolf Administration to Distribute Free Naloxone on December 13 at Locations Across Pennsylvania as Part of Stop Overdoses in Pa.: Get Help Now Week Harrisburg, PA – The Wolf Administration will provide naloxone…

Pathway To Pardons Event in Somerset

Click for the event flyer: Pathway to Pardons – Somerset – 12-17-18 Keith Elders, of ACRP, visits Bubba and The Rocky Wake Up Show:


The Giant Middle Finger

OMG! Fantastic! Check this beast out LOL A business owner in Westford, Vermont named Ted Pelkey recently spent $4,000 on a giant, wooden hand giving the middle finger.  He says it’s a protest against the local government.  He’s been trying to get a building permit so he can relocate his business, and they won’t let him. (Miami…