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Bizarre Case Revolving Around The Steelers

***** Woman accused of beating mom over game volume to stand trial ***** YOUNGWOOD, Pa. (AP) A woman will stand trial on allegations she beat her mother and shaved her head because she thought the older woman was listening to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ game too loudly on the radio. A judge ruled Wednesday that Delores…

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The War of the Thermostat

What does this say about the dudes you work with who get too cold? HAHAHA!! According to a new study out of the University of Southern California, women perform much better when it’s warm than men.  So maybe, if the office were a little warmer, women would be running everything? The study found that when…


Ferndale’s Post Prom Party Includes Games, Food, and A Hypnotist!

We got the chance to chat with students from Ferndale about their post prom party! Students from NHS and SADD work all year preparing for the post prom party and other events throughout the year. We salute the students from Ferndale and all the area students that made the choice to enjoy their post prom…

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MetGala: WTF (even less important than Royal Birth)

Having a hard time figuring this one out.  I thought celebrities cared about helping causes, saving whales, trees, feeding children, caring for animals,etc? Seems this event would rectify each of those world problems by donating the cost it took to put it on and/or the price of all that ugly clothing. Full story here: (CNN)

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Do you ever crack your neck??

This freaks me out! A 28-year-old guy from Oklahoma popped his neck the other day, somehow tore an artery in his neck that led to his brain, and suffered a stroke. Story here: (KOCONews) He could have died, and now he’s re-learning how to use his left leg.  His doctor says if you want to pop…

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Why haven’t you or I had a hit song yet??!!

Would You Believe THIS Is the #11 on the UK Top 100 Singles chart?!  Click here: (OfficialCharts) A British organization called the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds released a track called “Let Nature Sing”, to raise awareness about endangered birds.  Yes, it’s just bird noises.  

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Cambria & Somerset Counties: National Drug Take Back Event Info HERE

The National Drug Take Back Event is going on this Saturday from 10am to 2pm.  See below to find a location closest to you! Locations in and around Johnstown: Locations in northern Cambria County: Somerset County Locations: Penn Laurel Pharmacy, 112 Sunshine Ave. Central City (Shade Township Police Department) Boswell Prescription Center, 210 Ohio St.…