River Of Chocolate Flows Down Arizona Highway

A river of chocolate flowed in northern Arizona following an accident on Interstate 40. The rig, carrying 35-hundred gallons of liquid chocolate, rolled over east of Flagstaff, causing it to spill over the highway. Pictures from the scene show workers pumping the sweet mess off the highway to the side of the road.

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PennDOT driving restrictions for tonight

We are expecting some icy weather tonight, so PennDOT is imposing some restrictions on some Interstates within the Commonwealth. The restrictions will be in place between 11:00 tonight and 6:00 tomorrow morning (Tuesday) and will ban double trailers, empty trailers, non-commercial vehicles pulling trailers, recreational vehicles and motorcycles on these interstates: Interstate 80 east of…


A Kidnapper Chased A Woman Into A Karate Studio- Bad Idea!

On Thursday night, a 46-year-old guy to kidnap a woman at a strip mall in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He tried to force her into his car, but she ran away, and he followed her. And the woman ran right into a karate studio. The studio’s head instructor is Randall Ephraim, and he was cleaning up…


Big Shot Bob’s Wings NOW OPEN In Johnstown!

A new restaurant is open NOW in Johnstown- Big Shot Bob’s Wings! The business is at 1171 Hunt Street and features HUNDREDS of flavors of wings- The Black and Gold, The Cash Club, Steel City, The Most Interesting Flavor In The World, and MANY more. Not only wings, but burgers and hoagies too! Check out…